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DOI Takayoshi / Professor

The Center for Promotion of Pharmaceutical Education

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Relatoinships of aromatase, carcinogenesis and teratogenesis on AhR(-/-) mouse.

2. Application of hiPS cell-derived hepatocytes for toxicological evaluation.

3. Investigative research on side effects of antidiabetic drugs using JADER.

4. Consciousness survey on smoking and its culture.

Representative Publications

1. Doi T, Nagai N, Tsukuda R, Suzuki T, Dose-relationships cytotoxicity, PFC response and histology in the spleen in rats treated with alkylating agents, Toxicology, 107, 47 (1996).

2. Doi T, Yoshimura H, Tatsumi K, Properties of nitorofuran reductase from E. coli B/r, Chem Pharm Bull, 31, 1105 (1983).