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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences overview

People have always dreamt of longer and healthier lives, and this dream is now coming true due to the recent rapid development of medicinal technologies. The pharmaceutical sciences contribute to society by playing an essential role in this development.
In the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, students receive education on how to cure diseases with medicines, become pharmacists, and participate in team medical care.
In the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Business Sciences, students receive education to become medical experts who lead healthcare services to success in the business world. To live a long healthy life, people must be careful to avoid getting ill and receive medical treatment in the early stages of a disease.
At our university, students can gain in-depth knowledge of Japanese traditional “Kampo” medicine to help address such needs.
We welcome students who wish to take the first step toward being involved in the promotion of wellness using Kampo medicine.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences(6-year Bachelor program, enrollment: 240 people/year)

The Department of Pharmaceutical Science cultivates medical and healthcare specialists who can meet the needs of the times and the local community, and who can practice integrative medicine compassionately with patients.

The current healthcare environment emphasizes “team medical care“, which refers to providing patient-centered medical care in which several healthcare professionals share their expertise and work together. Also, with the expansion of home healthcare, team medical care is not only common in hospitals but has also been expanding in the form of collaboration among local medical and healthcare facilities. Therefore, it is vital for pharmacists to be responsible for medications and have the communicative ability and understanding to allow them to understand the feelings and roles of professionals in other fields.

As a university specializing in pharmaceutical sciences, Nihon Pharmaceutical University aims to realize “comprehensive medical care (integrative medicine)” that fuses conventional Western medicine with the concepts of health maintenance medicine and preventive treatment that have been developed in Japanese traditional “Kampo” medicine. The department has three programs, training pharmacists with distinctive abilities: Health Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Furthermore, we cultivate pharmacists with expertise that is gained in a unique, fine-tuned education system not found in other universities.

Academic Divisions in Nihon Pharmaceutical University

No. Divisions Responsible advisors
1 Division of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Prof. Haraguchi Kazuhiro , Prof. Yasuda Takaaki , Assoc. Prof. Kumamoto Hiroki , Assoc. Prof. Takayama Hiroyuki
2 Division of Medicinal Informatics Prof. Saito Toshiaki , Lect. Kataoka Hiroki
3 Division of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology Prof. Arai Kensuke , Assoc. Prof. Takajo Tokuko , Assoc. Prof. Tsuchida Kazunori , Lect. Mikuma Toshiyasu , Lect. Omuro Satoshi
4 Division of Pharmacotherapy Prof. Chino Daisuke , Prof. Inoue Hiroko , Prof. Inoue Toshio , Prof. Sakurada Chikai , Assoc. Prof. Abe Kenji , Assoc. Prof. Miyata Shigeo , Assoc. Prof. Waki Yoshihiro , Lect. Okada Naoko
5 Division of Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof. ARAI Ichiro , Prof. Hashimoto Hiroko , Prof. Takano Fumihide , Prof. Yamaji Seiichi , Lect. Fujiwara Yumi , Lect. Itokazu Nanae ,
6 Division of Pharmaceutical Health Biosciences Prof. Higuchi Toshiyuki , Prof. Murahashi Tsuyoshi , Lect. Osabe Makoto , Lect. Uramaru Naoto ,
7 Division of Life Science Pharmaceutics Prof. Tsuzuki Minoru , Prof. Wada Shigeo , Prof. Watanabe Mineo , Prof. Yamada Toshiyuki , Assoc. Prof. Inose Atsushi , Assoc. Prof. Sakurai Takyua , Lect. Ogino Hirohumi ,
8 Division of Clinical Pharmacy Prof. Nakajima Takanori , Prof. Yamada Yasuhiro , Assoc. Prof. Kurida Takuro , Assoc. Prof. Takizawa Yusuke , Assist. Prof. Iwase Harunobu
9 Division of Clinical Pharmaceutics Prof. Katsuyama Soh , Prof. Maeda Tomoji , Prof. Matsuda Yoshikazu Assoc. Prof. Saito Hiroshi , Assoc. Prof. Sako Kenichi , Lect. Kaku Teppei , Assist. Prof. Chiba Terumasa
10 Division of Practical Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof. Maeda Tomoji , Prof. Ogami Tetsuya , Prof. Suzuki Katsuhiro , Prof. Yui Nobuaki , Assoc. Prof. Ide Naohito , Lect. Ishimura Atsushi
11 Division of Social Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof. Arai Ichiro , Prof. Hakamatsuka Takashi , Prof. Kyogashima Mamoru , Prof. Suzuki Katsuhiro , Prof. Tanei Shigeharu , Assoc. Prof. Waki Yoshihiro
12 The Center for Liberal Arts Education Prof. Wada Shigeo , Prof. Yasuda Takaaki , Assoc. Prof. Saito Hiroshi , Assist. Prof. Shinoda Noriko , Assist. Nakamura Yuki
13 The Center for Data Science Prof. Murai Yasuyuki , Prof. Ohta Sachiko , Assoc. Prof. Sako Ken-ichi

6-year extensive education program opening a wide range of career possibilities

The new Model Core Curriculum for Pharmacy Education established in the 2015 academic year defines “basic and fundamental knowledge and skills required for pharmacists.”
In the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, students decide what they would like to learn in 6 years, and then choose the course that provides them with the necessary expertise to achieve their goals

Health Pharmaceutical Sciences Course

Trains pharmacists who have high-level knowledge to support modern people’s health

With a declining birthrate and an aging population in Japan, before 2040, we will enter the era of the aging society where one in three people are 65 years old or older. In modern medical care, decreasing the prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases, such as cancer, cardiac disease, and cerebral vascular disease, is a high-priority issue.
On the other hand, people have more interest in preventing diseases, which is increasing the social need for correct information on the appropriate use of health foods and pharmaceutical products. To prepare for the arrival of such a time, Health Pharmaceutical Sciences Course trains students to become pharmacists who can broadly address issues, from ones in daily life to social issues, with a view to treating and preventing diseases using pharmaceutical products and promoting health and lifestyle improvement.

Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences Course

Trains specialists in medical care integrating Eastern and Western medicine

The wide-ranging field of Kampo pharmaceutical sciences covers all disease-related disciplines, including the prevention and treatment of diseases, the prevention of the side effects of Western medicine, the diagnosis and treatment of “mibyo” (a state between health and sickness), and palliative care. It is an indispensable part of medical care in the 21st century. The Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences Course trains specialists in integrated medical care in the knowledge and techniques of both Western and Kampo medicine in-order to use them freely. The Course trains pharmacists to provide integrated medical care that combines the advantages of Eastern and Western medicine in a comprehensive approach to personalized-medicine known as “tailor-made medicine”.

Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Course

Trains pharmacists of new era who have leading-edge knowledge and skills

The roles of pharmacists in team medical care are diverse, including medicine dispensing, provision of medication instructions, information collection, and medication history management for patients, as well as information provision for doctors and nurses. Also, with the improved and specialized medicine of recent years, pharmacy specialists play an essential role. They are familiar with specific areas and are actively involved as a member of team medical care such as a Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacy Specialist and Board-Certified Infection Control Pharmacy Specialist. At the clinical site, pharmacy specialists work with doctors and prescribe medicine from the pharmaceutical aspect.
In Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences Course, we focus on training students with the knowledge necessary to become pharmacy specialists in various fields. Students also learn leading edge clinical expertise and outlook as medical and healthcare specialists to become pharmacists who can demonstrate practical abilities and are ready for their fields.