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Graduate School

Graduate School

Graduate School overview

The basis of graduate education is to cultivate human resources who have highly specialized knowledge and skills and who have the research ability to independently discover and solve problems in research and medical settings. In addition, we will train human resources who respect research ethics and understand the integrative medicine defined by the university.

Our research is focused on integrative medicine including Kampo medicines, a Japanese herbal medicines derived from ancient Chinese medicine. We are now researching integrative medicine from the aspect of regulatory science, social science, and clinical evidence in comparison to other countries, especially East Asian countries.

Vice President
Dean of the Graduate School
Head of International Academic Exchange Committee

Ichiro Arai

Introduction for Doctoral Course

Based on the concept of [Integrated Medicine from the East to the West], the course aims to cultivate specialists who can lead the development of advanced medical technologies. As medical experts, they can play an outstanding role in health care, early recovery and disease cure.
With this purpose, we have set up two specialized fields: [Basic pharmacy] and [Clinical pharmacy]. Doctoral students can choose either field and research with the guidance from their advisors.
In [Basic pharmacy], we mainly research on health care, early recovery and the development of new medical technologies.
In [Clinical pharmacy], we focus on disease cure research, educate and train high-level professional pharmaceutical experts.

Characteristics of Doctoral Course

The first characteristic of the course is the establishment of [Special Topics on Research Ethics] and [Special Topics on Integrative Medicine]. In the process of academic research, it is emphasized that researchers abide by social ethics and the importance of fully understanding research ethics. When conducting various research in the Graduate School, we believe that it is necessary to endeavor to promote the philosophy of integrative medicine.
The second characteristic of the course is to provide opportunities to study academic knowledges outside the specialization. For doctoral students, in addition to in-depth specialization in research, it is more important to cultivate interest in a wider field of pharmacy and actively get involved, in order to make further progress even after obtaining a doctorate. For this purpose, we set up a compulsory course [Special Lectures] for Graduate School. Besides [Special Topics] courses, doctoral students must study at least one [Special Lectures] different from their specialized fields.

Research Area In Graduate School

Specialized field No. Research subject Responsible advisors
Basic Pharmacy 1 Innovative drug development for unmet diseases HARAGUCHI Kazuhiro, Ph.D. / Professor
TAKAYAMA Hiroyuki Ph.D./ Associate Professor
KUMAMOTO Hiroki, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
2 Establishment of evaluation system for developing natural products as a new therapeutic drug for intractable diseases TAKANO Fumihide, Ph.D. / Professor
HIGUCHI Toshiyuki, Ph.D. / Professor
URAMARU Naoto, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor
OSABE Makoto, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor
AGATA Umon Ph.D. / Associate Professor
3 Elucidation of mechanisms of biological functions and their pharmaceutical application WATANABE Mineo, Ph.D. / Professor
YAMADA Toshiyuki, Ph.D. / Professor
INOSE Atsushi, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
4 Pathology based on structural and analytical chemistry KYOGASHIMA Mamoru, M.D., Ph.D. / Professor
ARAI Kensuke, Ph.D. / Professor
MIKUMA Toshiyasu, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor
5 Research of health information system for safe use of integrative medicine ARAI Ichiro, Ph.D. / Professor
HAKAMATSUKA Takashi, Ph.D. / Professor
YAMAJI Seiichi, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
Clinical pharmacy 6 Pharmaceutical research to effective and safe use of medicines in clinical practice NAKAJIMA Takanori, Ph.D. / Professor
KURITA Takuro, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
TAKIZAWA Yusuke, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
7 Development of new therapeutic drug for intractable pain and pruritus SAKURADA Chikai, Ph.D. / Professor
INOUE Toshio, Ph.D. / Professor
ABE Kenji, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
KATSUYAMA Soh, Ph.D. / Professor
8 Pathogenesis of age-related diseases and search for regulatory factors INOUE Hiroko, Ph.D. / Professor
OKADA Naoko, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor
9 Investigation of new function of physiologically active substance MAEDA Tomoji, Ph.D. / Professor
CHINO Daisuke, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
10 Clinical pharmaceutical research that contributes to extension of healthy life.
Research on social pharmacy, proper use, drug discovery, prescription analysis, pathological analysis, etc.
MATSUDA Yoshikazu, Ph.D. / Professor
TANEI Shigeharu, Ph.D. / Professor
ISHIMURA Atsushi, Ph.D. / Associate Professor
MURAI Yasuyuki, Ph.D. / Professor
CHEN Fu-Shih, Ph.D. / Professor