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ANZAI Kazunori, Ph.D. / Professor

Division of Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Detection of reactive oxygen species/free radicals caused by irradiation of cold atmospheric pressure plasma.

2. Measurement and prevention of lipid peroxidation and membrane damages caused by oxidative stress.

3. Finding radiation-protector and radiation-mitigator to prevent normal-cell injury by ionizing radiation.

Research in our group is focused on detection and control of reactive oxygen species (ROS)/free radicals and their effects on biological systems. To detect free radicals, we mainly use ESR spectroscopy in combination with spin-trap or spin-probe techniques. Hydroxyl radicals (•OH) are produced by various causes such as Fenton reaction, ionizing radiation, and so on.
Recently, it was reported that irradiation of cold atmospheric plasma to water also produce •OH. We have found that •H are also produced in addition to •OH by the irradiation using ESR spin-trapping method. Production of H2O2 was also detected by colorimetric technique using peroxidase reactions. Irradiation of cold atmospheric plasma to liposome induced lipid peroxidation, which was detected by fluorescence probe and TBA reactions.

Representative Publications

1. Takajo T, Kurihara Y, Iwase K, Miyake D, Tsuchida K, Anzai K, Basic investigations of singlet oxygen detection systems with ESR for the measurement of singlet oxygen quenching activities, Chem Pharm Bull, 68, 150-154 (2020).

2. Anzai K, Aoki T, Koshimizu S, Takaya R, Tsuchida T, Takajo T, Formation of reactive oxygen species by irradiation of cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet to water depends on irradiation distance, J Clin Biochem Nutr, 64, 187-193 (2019).

3. Nyui M, Nakanishi I, Anzai K, Ozawa T, Matsumoto K, Reactivity of redox sensitive paramagnetic nitroxyl contrast agents with reactive oxygen species, J Clin Biochem Nutr, 64, 13-19 (2019).

4. Ueno M, Matsumoto S, Matsumoto A, Nakanishi I, Matsumoto K, Mitchell JB, Krishna MC, Anzai K, Effect of amifostine, a radiation-protecting drug, on oxygen concentration in tissue measured by EPR oximetry and imaging, J Clin Biochem Nutr, 60, 151-155 (2017).

5. Matsumoto K, Ueno M, Nakanishi I, Anzai K, Density of hydroxyl radicals generated in an aqueous solution by irradiating carbon-ion beam, Chem Pharm Bull, 63, 195-199 (2015).