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ARAI Kensuke, Ph.D. / Professor

Division of Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Fabrication of a Pencil-Drawn Electrode for Simple Determination by Voltammetric Techniques

2. Development of a Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Device for Applying to Clinical Analysis

3. Recovery of Rare Metals from Industrial Waste with High Efficiency

Research interest of our group has been focused on the development of a new electrochemical method for point-of-care-testing in clinical pharmacy. We have fabricated a graphite electrode drawn on paper, due to its advantages such as high quality, at low cost, easy to handle, completely disposable, etc. and found it to function well as a working electrode in voltammetry. We have developed a microfluidic paper-based analytical device with the pencil-drawn electrode. The device was successfully applied to the determination of constituents in serum. We have also been working on the development of a method for recovering rare metals from industrial waste with high efficiency. Electrolysis is possibly a most hopeful method for this purpose.

Representative Publications

1. Arai K., Pencil lead graphite electrode drawn on a cellulose sheet, The Annual Report of Nihon Pharmaceutical University, 5,47-50 (2019).

2. Kajiyama T., Arai K., Ohmuro S., Maruyama T., Shimose C., Makino S., Kokusen H., Adsorption of rare-earth metal ions on natural banana fiber, J. Ion Exchange, 29(3), 116-120 (2018).

3. Arai K., Noguchi M., Yokota N., Sawamura Y., Tsuriya M., Amano T., Suga M., Development of electrochemical ELISA with a mechanical pencil lead electrode, The Annual Report of Nihon Pharmaceutical University, 4, 25-28 (2018).

4. Kajiyama T., Arai K. Kokusen H., Adsorption of indium and gallium on natural banana fiber, Proceedings of the 21st International Solvent Extraction Conference (ISEC 2017), 264-269 (2017).

5. Kajiyama T., Makino S., Takase S., Ohmuro S., Arai. K., Kokusen H., Solid-phase extraction of Ga3+ and In3+ with a hexadentate chelating reagent, Proceedings of the 21st International Solvent Extraction Conference (ISEC 2017), 278-283(2017).

6. Kajiyama T., Sakai S., Inoue J., Ohmuro S., Arai K., Kokusen H., Synthesis of a metal ion adsorbent from banana fibers and its adsorption properties for rare metal ions, J. Ion Exchange, 27(3), 57-62 (2016).

7. Arai K., Shimada K., Anodic stripping voltammetry of arsenic(III) in the presence of copper(II) at a mechanical pencil lead electrode as a screening tool in environmental water, Bunseki Kagaku, 61(5), 411-418 (2012).