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FUJIWARA Yumi, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor

Division of Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Study on the quality evaluation of crude drugs and natural products

2. Chemical and biological analysis of natural products

3. Cultivation and breeding of medicinal plants

Research in our group focus the quality evaluation of crude drugs and natural products. Efficacy and safety are essential when using natural products as a medicine. Aim to utilization high effective and safety natural products, comprehensive studies of analytical chemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacology are conduct. We are also interested in cultivating and breeding making the most of chemical and biological knowledge.

Representative Publications

1. Masada S., Mizuno S., Kotani A., Fujiwara Y., Uchiyama N., Hakamatsuka T., Nagatsu A., Studies of physical quality evolution of “Foods with Functional Claims” containing piperine and monoglucosyl hesperidin as functional substances, JJFCS, 26(3), 147–152 (2019).

2. Fujiwara Y., Kono M., Ito A., Ito M., Anthocyanins in perilla plants and dried leaves, Phytochemistry, 147, 158–166 (2018).

3. Fujiwara Y., Ito M., Molecular cloning and characterization of a Perilla frutescens cytochrome P450 enzyme that catalyzes the later steps of perillaldehyde biosynthesis, Phytochemistry, 134, 26–37 (2017).

4. Fujiwara Y., Ito M., The synergistic effect of fragrant herbs in Japanese scent sachets, Planta Medica, 81(3), 193–199 (2015).