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ITOKAZU Nanae, Ph.D. / Senior Assistant Professor

Division of Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Curation at Takeatsu Kimura Commemoration Kampo Museum.

2. Epidemiological research in Kampo medecines for gynecological disorders.

I worked at Takeatsu Kimura Commemoration Kampo Museum as a curator. We are designing displays, marshaling materials and directing installations to introduce cultures about Traditional medicines including Kampo and crude drug materials. We introduce Japanese popular Kampo formulas as a main display for students need to study Kampo. In other hand, I’m also starting a research that focused on actual usage of Kampo medicines at hospital in Taiwan. From analysis of patients’ records, especially in patients’ conditions, complaints and prescribed Kampo regimen, we try to make clear the scientifically and epidemiologically effectiveness and usefulness of Kampo medicines.

Representative Publications

1. Itokazu N., Ogiwara Y., Satake M., Hanawa T., Muranushi A., Hirai T., Mikami M., Nakamura T., Okubo T., Matsumoto R., Nishikawa T., Kitayama H., Goda Y.; Actual Use Research, a new method for evaluating the effectiveness of OTC Kampo drugs and its application to Kamishoyosan formulation. J, Trad. Med. Vol,24, No.3 104-114 (2007).