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KURITA Takuro, Ph.D. / Associate Professor

Division of Clinical Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Development of bioavailability of orally dosed poorly water-soluble drugs.

2. Design of novel drug delivery systems composed of newly ionic liquids.

3. Development of new enhancement methods for transdermal absorption.

To develop novel drug delivery products, co-operations with other companies or universities are actively being done. Major activities include some topics listed above.
1) To enhance oral bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs such as paclitaxel, curcumin, tacrolimus etc., we tried to prepare powders or water-based suspensions contain novel nano-sized particles by build-up or break-down methods, and estimated its particle characteristics.
2) We prepare Ionic liquids by several pharmaceutical additives and estimated its characteristics, especially ability as solvent of poorly water-soluble drugs.
3) To develop novel transdermal therapeutic systems, we try to enhance transdermal absorption of several drugs such as opioids, antigens in vaccine and NSAIDs etc.

Representative Publications

1. Kurita T., Makino Y., Novel Curcumin Oral Delivery Systems. Anticancer Research, 33 (7) 2807-2821 (2013).

2. Matsuyama S., Tokumura T., Kurita T., Degradation Rate of Ebastine in an Aqueous Solution at pH 1.2 and the Effects of Cyclo dextrins. Sch. Acad. J. Pharm., 5 (4), 87-91 (2016).

3. Tokumura T., Yoshida N., Mori-Yasumoto K., Shirota O., Kurita T., Degradation rates and products of fluticasone propionate in alkaline solutions. Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, 7 (5) 297-302 (2017).

4. Medication liquid supporting jig and method of applying medication to micro-needle using same. US Patent 9,067,048(2015).