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MURAI Yasuyuki, Ph.D. / Associate Professor

Pharmaceutical Business Sciences Course · Pharmaceutical Information Sciences Course

Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Business Sciences

Research Topics

1. Analysis of the graphic image generation process of the visually impaired.

Visually impaired people try to understand figures and shapes with fingers. However, the understanding process of figures and shapes by fingers is not clear, and it is not easy to guarantee information for visually impaired people. In this research, we try to elucidate the understanding process of figures and shapes with fingers of visually impaired persons. Specifically, it detects and tracks the position of the finger position and quantitatively analyzes and evaluates the touch process from its tactile information (similarity, feature value, etc.).

Representative Publications

1. Murai Y., Tasumi H., Miyakawa M., Recording of fingertip position on tactile picture by the visually impaired and analysis of tactile information, Springer LNCS 10897 (Computers Helping People with Special Needs, 16th Int. Conf., ICCHP2018), 201-208 (2018).

2. Nakada K., Kobayashi M., Murai Y., Sekita I., Tatsumi H., A tablet-type acoustic digital pen that presents pen strokes with music tones, ICETC '18 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers, 297-301 (2018).