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NAKAJIMA Takanori, Ph.D. / Professor

Division of Clinical Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Supply the evidence for drug management and the clinical evaluation of hospital preparations.

2. Study on controlled-release formulation and clinical evaluation of Ulinastatin vaginal suppository.

3. Development of the new preparation to use for stomatitis treatment after the chemotherapy.

Hospital preparations (HPs) prepared by hospital pharmacists have contributed to advanced medical care depending on various and individual medical needs. Advanced pharmaceutical knowledge and skills are needed to prepare HPs. Hospital pharmacists have inherited formulations and skills to prepare them. However, there has been a decrease in the number of HPs prepared in hospitals due to an increase in commercial formulations. It is not acceptable for hospital pharmacists to have a lack of experience when a doctor requests an original HP. Therefore, we consider that it is the role of the university to support the supply and usage of HPs in cooperation with the hospital pharmacy.

Representative Publications

1. Nakajima T., A University Approach to Promoting the Proper Formulation and Use of Hospital Preparations, Yakugaku Zasshi, 138, 763-766 (2018).

2. Nawata S., Kohyama N., Uchida N., Numazawa S., Ohbayashi M., Kobayashi Y, Iwata M., Nakajima T., Saito H., Izuka A., Yamamoto T.,The pharmacokinetics of mianserin suppositories for rectal administration in dogs and healthy volunteers: a pilot study, J Pharm Health Care Sci. , 2:12. doi: 10.1186/s40780-016-0046-7. eCollection (2016).

3. Nakamura Y., Nakajima T., Iwata M., Hayashi Y., Takayama K., Saito H., Sako K., Matsuda Y., Kimura M., Influence of temperature and humidity on physico-pharmaceutical characteristics of Rasilez(®) tablets, Yakugaku Zasshi, 134, 555-61 (2014).

4. Nakajima T., Iwata M., Nawata S., Saito H., Nakamura Y., Kobayashi Y., Yamamoto T., Matsuda Y., Kimura M, Physicopharmaceutical Approach for Hospital Preparation of Mianserin Hydrochloride Suppositories, Jpn. J. Pharm. Health Care Sci. 38, 702-707 (2012).