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SAKO Ken-ichi, Ph.D. / Associate Professor

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. External evaluation of Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) models.

2. Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) modeling and simulation.

3. Application of Pharmacometrics (PMx) to Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetic consultation.

Our laboratory is studying the clinical application of PMx.There is a certain proportion of patients who don't receive proper treatment at the dosage described in the package insert or guideline.PMx is an excellent tool for patients who need individualized dosing regimens. The goal is to establish guidelines that enable more quantitative implementation of the optimal dose increase/decrease and dose interval setting.

Representative Publications

1. Suzuki M., Kasai H., Sako K., Shimizu H., Orimoto K., Yabuki N., Watanabe N., Marubayashi M., Nakamura M., Komai N., Watanabe K., Population pharmacokinetic analysis of vancomycin in adult cancer patients with neutropenia effect, Jpn J TDM, 36(3), 86-104(2019).

2. Suzuki M., Kasai H., Sako K., Development of an automated software tool for sampling design of population pharmacokinetic analysis, Jpn J TDM, 36(3), 81-95(2019).

3. Nakamura Y., Nakajima T., Iwata M., Hayashi Y., Takayama K., Saito H., Sako K., Matsuda Y., Kimura M., Influence of temperature and humidity on physico-pharmaceutical characteristics of Rasilez(®) tablets, Yakugaku Zasshi, 134(4), 555-561(2014).

4. Ikeuchi-Takahashi Y., Kido K., Matsumura H., Sako K., Hori Y., Preparation properties and antioxidative potency of preparations containig ascorbic acid, Jpn J Pharm Health Care Sci, 38(4) 220-227 (2012).

5. Sako K., HaniuH., Hasegawa M., Doi H., Yano S., Ohsawa Y., Kishino T., Matsuki Y., Arisue Y., Kawamura T.,Kimura M., Matsuda Y., The Application of Proteomics to PK-PD Modeling and Simulation, J Bioequiv Availab S2. doi:10.4172/jbb.S2-002 (2011).

6. Tatsunami S., Sako K., Kuwabara R., Yamada K., Using Gaussian-like input rate function in the two-compartment model. Formulation and application to analysis of didanosine plasma concentration in two Japanese hemophiliacs., Int J Clin Pharmacol Res, 18(3), 129-35(1998).