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SATO Takumi, Ph.D. / Professor

The Center for Liberal Arts Education

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Practical study of antidiabetic drugs to obtain the highest effect with the lowest dosage.

2. Practical study of active learning for the lower grade students using new approaches.

Representative Publications

1. Inoue T., Matsuda Y., Sato T., Sakurada C., Haniu H., Tsukahara T., Sigita K., Mabuchi T., Emizu T., Sato K., The impact of repeated administration of choline on spinal cognitive memory in rats. Jap. J. Med. Pharm. Sci. 73(8),1009-1016(2016).

2. Mizoguchi H., Takagi H., Watanabe C., Yonezawa A., Sato T., Sakurada T., Sakurada S., Involvement of multiple μ-opioid receptor subtypes on the presynaptic or postsynaptic inhibition of spinal pain transmission., Peptides. 51,15-25 (2014)

3. Mizoguchi H., Watanabe C., Higashiya T., Takeda S., Moriyama K., Aoki Y., Kon-no T., Takagi H., Yonezawa A., Sato T., Sakurada T., Sakurada S., Distinct physiological role of amidino-TAPA-sensitive and DAMGO-insensitive μ-opioid receptor splice variants in the mouse spinal cord., Eur. J. Pharmacol. 711, 80-86 (2013).

4. Tan-No K., Sato T., Shimoda M., Nakagawasai O., Niijima F., Kawamura S., Furuta S., Sato T., Satoh S., Siberring J., Terenius L., Tadano T., Suppressive effects by cysteine inhibitors on naloxone-precipitated withdrawal jumping on morphine-dependent mice. Neuropeptides. 44(3), 279-83(2010).