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TAKANO Fumihide, Ph.D. / Professor

Division of Kampo Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Isolation, identification and pharmacological evaluation of natural products from medicinal plant and microbial origin.

2. Ethnopharmacognosic studies for traditional medicines distributed in Chichibu area.

The research interests of our group include the isolation, identification, and pharmacological evaluation of compounds from medicinal plants and some entomogenous fungi, particular compounds peptides useful as immunemodulating for antiaging supplement from genera Paecilomyves and Cordyceps fungi. We newly found an unrecorded Paecilomyces species from mature stag beetle insect host (see Figs), and archived its artificial cultivation in the same liquid medium for P. tenuipes from moth chrysalis. Further, two T helper 1 cytokines, interleukin-2 and interferon-γ in cultured ileal Peyer’s patch cells from mice orally administered with the filtrates are significantly elevated. Furthermore, we reported the history of “Ensho (potassium nitrate)”, which is a substance essential for making gunpowder, from the middle to early modern period in Chichibu area, and some experimental evidence for purification of potassium nitrate from aged-soil using “Kodo-hou method”.

Representative Publications

1. Komatsu T., Katsuyama S., Takano F., Okamura T., Sakurada C., Tsuzuki M., Ogawa K., Kubota A., Morinaga O., Tabata K., Sakurada T. Possible involvement of the μ opioid receptor in the antinociception induced by sinomenine on formalininduced nociceptive behavior in mice. Neurosci Lett, 699,103-108 (2019).

2. Ogawa Y., Takano F., Yahagi N., Yahagi M., Kobayashi Y., Kobayashi H. Specific Antiproliferative activity against several human cancer cells with metabolites from Onygena corvina. Int J Current Microbiol Appl Sci, 8, 1659-1668 (2019).

3. Tebakari M., Daigo Y., Ishikawa H., Nakamura M., Kawashima J., Takano F. Anti-Inflammatory effect of the water-woluble portion of porcine placental extract in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264.7 murine macrophage cells. Biol Pharm Bull, 41, 1251-1256 (2018).

4. Kubota A., Shindo H., Fukushima Y., Komatsu T., Sakurada T., Yasuda T., Fushiya S., Kondo Y., Sakurada C., Takano F. Effects of Kampo extract boiogito and its alkaloid sinomenine on nociceptive pain in mouse models. Pharmacometrics, 92, 83-89 (2017).

5. Allam AE., Nafady AM., Hassanein AMM., Mostafa MAH., El-Shanawany MA., Takano F., Ohta T. Two new p-coumaroyl flavonoid glycosides having cytokine increasing activity from Centaurium spicatum L. Phytochem Lett. 17, 144-151 (2016).