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TANEI Shigeharu, Ph.D. / Professor

The Center for Promotion of Pharmaceutical Education

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Pharmacy practice and social science

Needless to say, drugs can’t exert the expected beneficial effects unless they are properly evaluated and used in appropriate way. Considering the multifaceted properties of drugs, knowledge and information from the perspective of not only pharmacy and medicine but also ethics, law, sociology, and economics are needed to achieve the optimal use of drugs. For this reason, social pharmacy covers a broad range of research fields. Therefore, with not only patients but also people’s lives and social mechanisms in mind, we would like to create a better environment by leveraging the value and appropriate use of drugs and contribute to society through our research activities.

Representative Publications

1. Nagakura Y., Miwa M., Yoshida M., Miura R., Tanei S., Tsuji M., Takeda H., Spontaneous pain-associated facial expression and efficacy of clinically used drugs in the reserpine-induced rat model of fibromyalgia, European Journal of Pharmacology, (2019) in press.

2. Toyota H., Tanei S., Relationships among seating position, emotional intelligence and self-reference tendency, Bull. Nara Univ. Educ., (2019) in press.

3. Tanei S., Toyota H., Practical research on learning by repetition in undergraduates, Bulletin of Teacher Education Center for the Future Generation, 5, 19-25(2019).

4. Yamashiro K., Tanei S., Burapadaja S., Ogata F., Kawasaki N., Survey on physical or mental health status of university students in Japan and Thailand, Journal of Allied Health Sciences, 10(2), 69-78 (2019).

5. Okamura T., Tanei S., Masuda Y., A study of color image in packaging for health drinks: Examining anxiety of health and physical condition, Human education, 2(2), 45-50(2019).