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WADA Shigeo, Ph.D. / Professor

The Center for Liberal Arts Education

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. First year experience for scholastic aptitude increase.

2. Development of the environmental education material which finds influence of an antibiotic and other chemicals.

3. Study on educational method leading to deep learning using educational robots and tablets.

Student's scholastic aptitude decline is regarded as a problem recently. The reason is because the learning for which I depend on memorization is being performed. I am conducting research on educational methods to raise comprehensive problemsolving skills and thinking skills suitable for each stage from elementary to university students. For university students, I am studying educational method to establish active learning method accurately as first year experience. And I am creating teaching materials to acquire basic academic skills. For elementary and junior high school students, I am developing teaching materials using tablets and educational robots. In order to be interested in familiar environmental issues and to be able to carry out sustainable environmental protection activities, I am developing environmental education teaching materials that can be used in school classes.

Representative Publications

1. Wada S., Kumamoto T., Yamamoto Y., Nakasuga H., Koike K., Horie H., Development of the experimental teaching materials to easily observe the environmental effects of antimicrobials, JSSE Research Report, 34(7), 39–44 (2020).

2. Horie H., Chiba A., Wada S., Inhibitory effect of soy saponins on the activity of β-lactamases, including New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1, J Food Science and Technology, 55, 1948–1952 (2018).

3. Wada S., Niwano J., Kumamoto T., Horie H., Development and practice of the environmental education teaching materials for observing the influence of chemicals to the germination of a seed, JSSE Research Report, 32(3), 51-56 (2017).

4. Wada S., Kitoh S., Basic knowledge for pharmacy learning 2 ; -Organic Chemistry-, Kodansha co.(2017).

5. Wada S., Kitoh S., Basic knowledge for pharmacy learning 1 ; -Chemical Calculation-, Kodansha co.(2017).