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WATANABE Mineo, Ph.D. / Professor

Division of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Development of new vaccines for pertussis control.

2. Development of effective vaccines against Buruli ulcer and nontuberculous Mycobacteria.

3. Role of small molecules produced by pathogenic bacteria in infection.

In spite of high coverage of pertussis vaccination, pertussis cases have been increasing worldwide since the 1990s. To quit the situation, we should fix or change the past strategies of pertussis control. Pertussis can be caused by infection of Bordetella pertussis, B. parapertussis, and B. holmesii. However, current vaccines have a protective effect to B. pertussis infection only.
We focus the development of new effective vaccines to all human Bordetella.
Also, we are interested in Buruli ulcer, which is a mycobacteriosis seen mostly around West Africa. The neglected tropical disease hurts skins by making severe ulcers. Antibiotics treatment against the disease takes more than several months, so it is difficult to complete it for people in that area. We believe effective vaccination should be considered for successful control of Buruli ulcer. We are trying to develop vaccines to stop the disease.
Another important theme for us is small molecules produced by pathogenic bacteria. We found Bordetella organisms secrete riboflavin and other small molecules. We are trying to clarify the role and mechanism of the molecules in pathogenesis. Also, we are interested in mycolactone, which is a toxin produced by Mycobacterium ulcerans. The toxin may help the development of new drugs for allergy.

Representative Publications

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