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YUI Nobuaki / Professor

The Center for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Topics

1. Research on Drug Information.

2. Research on the benefit of generic drugs to medical economy.

3. Research on how to treat diseases with drug medicines depending on the kind of diseases to formulate a guideline for drug usage.

1. It is important to refer Drug Information such as Risk Management Plan (RMP) provided by pharmaceutical companies and information on adverse drug reactions, safety which are provided by Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) to use drug medicines effectively and safely. We research these data to use Drug Information effectively at clinical site.
2. Generic drugs have been widely used in Japan in recent years. We research the influence of the kind and quantity of generic drugs on medical care cost.
3. There are a lot of drugs for the treatment of lifestyle diseases. It is important to formulate a guideline which gives thought to effectiveness and safety, economic performance to decide how to use these drugs at healthcare facilities.

Representative Publications

University correspondence Vol.118 "38 years as a hospital pharmacist", Saitama Prefecture Hospital Pharmacist Magazine,518 2018 Vol.44 No.8