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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dean of the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Yoshikazu Matsuda

People have always dreamt of longer and healthier lives, and this dream is now coming true due to the recent rapid development of medicinal technologies. The pharmaceutical sciences contribute to society by playing an essential role in this development.
In the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, students receive education on how to cure diseases with medicines, become pharmacists, and participate in team medical care.
In the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Business Sciences, students receive education to become medical experts who lead healthcare services to success in the business world. To live a long healthy life, people must be careful to avoid getting ill and receive medical treatment in the early stages of a disease.
At our university, students can gain in-depth knowledge of Japanese traditional “Kampo” medicine to help address such needs.
We welcome students who wish to take the first step toward being involved in the promotion of wellness using Kampo medicine.